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I am passionate about accessible and timely breastfeeding support, as a midwife, IBCLC and breastfeeding mother, that’s a given. However, I’m also enormously passionate about the provision of education and supporting colleagues working in the postpartum space. Breastfeeding education and training shouldn’t be reserved for those who want to specialise in this area. I truly believe that everyone who comes in contact with new parents should have the skills and knowledge required to provide basic breastfeeding support.
Did you know that women often don’t seek out professional breastfeeding support from people like myself until they have exhausted all other options? The reality is, is that they see their midwife, obstetrician, doula, child health nurse or allied health professional! They see YOU. Imagine if you could be a place of knowledgable reassurance, or confidently advocate and refer on to professional support sooner rather than later because you KNOW that it’s needed? I’m here to help make this a reality.


Things you WON'T have to do if you join the Breastfeeding Mastered program:

Spend hours sourcing resources
Feel a lack of confidence in your breastfeeding knowledge
Aspire to be an IBCLC
Spend thousands on an intensive program that is irrelevant to your practice
Spend hours accessing various resources

Things you WILL be able to do if you join the Breastfeeding Mastered program:

Be an incredible resource for your clients as you empower and support them
Gain up to date skills that are relevant to your clients
Feel confident that you are providing the right information
Create a niche in your practice and reputation as a holistic, knowledgeable postpartum support
Effortlessly add to your continuing professional development requirements
Grow your capacity to be a reflective practitioner


12 months unlimited access

Valid from date of registration. Complete the program at your own pace without pressure.

12 hours of CPD

An easy way to contribute to your ongoing continuing professional development requirements

Expert teaching

From an experienced IBCLC, midwife and nurse dedicated to the field of breastfeeding support and education

Video modules

Make up-skilling a breeze from the comfort of your couch

Confidence in your practice

Learn new information or consolidate your existing practice so that you can confidently support mothers

Program participant logo

Download a logo to use on your website to share with prospective clients that you are passionate and knowledgeable about breastfeeding


Exclusive 12 months unlimited access


Who is this suitable for?

Every single professional who comes in contact with women who are breastfeeding a child. Breastfeeding education and knowledge should not be reserved exclusively for IBCLC’s. This program can be taken by midwives, doula’s, child health nurses, medical professionals, childbirth educators, allied health professionals and anyone else passionate about building and consolidating their knowledge and skills to provide THE BEST support to women. 

This program is not suitable for those who want intensive knowledge on how to manage clinical breastfeeding issues that are within the scope of practice for IBCLC’s and registered health professionals. Individuals seeking this kind of knowledge would be better suited to enrolling in a program targeted towards those working towards IBCLC status (even if that is not the end goal).  

Applications for program access for student midwives are open. This offers a 40% discount eligible on all payment options for approved students for a period of 28 days (excludes program + resources package). An application form and submission details can be accessed here. Currently, this offer is only valid for student midwives due to their unique position and clinical role in providing early breastfeeding support.

Can I use this for continuing professional development?


Yes! At the completion of the course you can obtain a certificate of completion. This is a comprehensive way to contribute to your professional development after completing your initial qualification or while you are still a student in your field. The program presents 12 hours worth of professional development hours.

The program has been endorsed by:

-Australian College of Midwives for 12 CPD points
Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine for PDP educational hours 10, performance review 2, MOPS 2 obstetrics and gynaecology

What will you teach me?

The topics included in the program are highly relevant and carefully selected to maximise your time and enthusiasm (hint: no fluff to be found here!).

Lesson topics are:

  • Our current maternity system
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Antenatal expressing
  • Responsive feeding and skin to skin
  • Signs breastfeeding is going well
  • Positions
  • Attachment
  • Low milk supply
  • Sleep and night feeds
  • The PURPLE period
  • Breastfeeding counselling
  • Common issues
  • Your role and scope
  • Red flags
  • Tongue ties

For each of these lessons we discuss the current evidence, impact, recommendations, skills and how you can provide relevant support to clients.

The lessons are spread over around 2.5 hours of video content and detailed workbook activity that focuses on reflective practice within your role.


What is different about this program?
This is the only online, Australian based breastfeeding course designed by an expert in the field, to support other postpartum professionals.

You can find other breastfeeding programs created by other professionals who do not have the same qualifications, experience and skills behind them. Why complete a course form someone who is not the expert in their field?

You can also find courses that are directed towards those who want to become IBCLC’s, but these are significantly more expensive and not relevant to the practice many postpartum workers.

What is included in the resources?

Our set of 18 uniquely designed resources is designed to support you and your clients with relevant, timely, and up to date information in a beautifully presented way. Available as an immediately downloadable PDF if purchased as a bundle with the Breastfeeding Mastered program.

Topics include:

  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Positioning and attachment checklist
  • The PUPRLE period
  • The top up trap cycle
  • Signs of normal vs low milk supply
  • Antenatal expressing
  • How to get a deeper latch
  • Nipple pain and damage
  • Normal nappy output guide
  • Milk storage guidelines
  • Expressing
  • Breastfeeding plan
  • Partner involvement
  • Breastfeeding contacts
  • Formula
  • Breastfeeding assessment tool
  • Hunger cues
  • Nipple shields
Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes there certainly is! We know that this is an investment and an essential option for  some individuals. You can elect to purchase the program in full for a one time only payment of $799 (AUD), or as 4x fortnightly payments of $249.

Remember, if utilising this program for continuing professional development or as part of your employment that all fees are tax deductible.

How quickly will I be able to start?
Once you register, access is immediate and unlimited for a period of 12 months!
What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to send an email to hello@milkybusiness.com and we’ll get back to you.
Is there a way I can share Milky Business programs?

Yes! You may choose to share periodically with colleagues, clients or friends, or we have an affiliate progam that you can find out about here



Exclusive 12 months unlimited access

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